Targeted Ezine Publishing - Make More Profit With Ezine Publishing

Ezine publishing is of course the process of creating email relationships via the use of online magazines or ezines - very similar to traditional email marketing - but generally the ezine is themed to something that is relevant to the subscribers.

Personally, I prefer to just build a traditional list online - I don't care too much for the ezine itself - but if you think about it, they are really the same thing - they are basically the same thing - the ezine has a theme, my email list does not.

So how do you make more profit with ezine publishing?

The way I see you making more profit with ezine publishing is to go back to my core principles and those are traffic and conversions.

So you have to get more traffic - and one way to do that is by increasing your email conversions and clickthroughs. And you have to get more conversions - you have to convert the people that click through from your ezine or your email list.

I think one of the real mistakes people make with their ezine publishing is that they are not targeted enough. You have to really target your product to whatever the theme was that drew the ezine subscriber in in the first place. So you have many different target demographics - make a list for each.

My favorite method of driving traffic to my squeeze pages for my ezine list building is that of article marketing. Sure, there isn't quite as much traffic - but the traffic really spends money with you - it converts very well - and that is what is important to me.