7 Killer Steps to Ezine Publishing

If you have the knack for writing, then you have the most powerful tool not only in generating traffic to your website but also earning money online. You can easily cash in your writing skills by writing articles, ebooks, or publishing your very own ezine.

Here are the 7 killer steps to ezine publishing:

a. Include a testimonial of your satisfied customers on your ezine page. Of course, the product that is being endorsed must be relevant to your ezine topic.

b. Swap recommendations with other ezine publishers. You and other ezine publishers can swap recommendation through your editor's page. By doing this, you effectively attract each other's visitors to check out your ezines. Just make sure that the publishers you are going to swap recommendation with are not direct competitors.

c. Offer exclusive promotion to your subscribers. Make them feel that they are special to you since they have subscribed to your ezine. Send them ebooks, vouchers, or give them discount when they purchase from you.

d. Make money through affiliate links. You can post a product review on your ezine page. By giving your audience unbiased review or recommendation, you are increasing your chances of closing a sale. Thus, earning commissions through your ezine.

e. Put your ezine's URL on your signature file on your email or forum post. It's a great way to promote and get links back to your ezine page.

f. Ask your subscribers to promote your ezine to their friends and families. What better way to increase the exposure of your ezine than asking your subscribers to do it for you?

g. Write articles. The ultimate reason why people would subscribe to your ezine is because of the quality of your content. For you to be able to keep all your subscribers interested, don't stop writing articles that will be truly useful for them.